US Embassy core staff leaves Kabul during evacuation — Reuters

WASHINGTON (TASS): The main staff of the US Embassy in Kabul left the Afghan capital during the final phase of the evacuation, Reuters stated on Monday, citing its sources.

The news agency has not specified whether the US Charge d’Affaires in Afghanistan, Ross Wilson, flew home.

As the Washington Post said earlier, President Joe Biden plans to recall all American diplomats, including Wilson, from Kabul by August 31. According to the publication, the lack of a clear plan on this issue practically guarantees that the US diplomatic presence in Kabul is likely to be interrupted for weeks, months, or even longer.

The US forces were dispatched to Kabul airport to ensure the evacuation of Americans, other countries’ citizens as well as refugees from Afghanistan. The US authorities plan to complete the evacuation on time, by August 31.

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