Turkish army ready to launch operations in Syria

Turkish army ready to launch operations in Syria

ANTAKYA (RIA Novosti): The Turkish army is preparing to conduct two operations in Syria, a source in the Syrian opposition told RIA Novosti.

“The armed formations have been put on full alert by order from Ankara,” the source said.

He said that the military were divided to work on several fronts in Idlib province, in some villages near the cities of Mari and Azaz (north of Aleppo) near a military airport near the city of minigene manbij, as well as at the borders Kamishli and El-Hasaka.

According to the source, the groups led by Turkey are preparing for two operations at the same time: in the northwest of Idlib to support the armed formations located there and in the northeast of Syria against the ” Syrian Democratic Forces .”

When asked when the campaign is expected to start, the interlocutor explained that it could happen at any time, unexpectedly.

“Most likely, after the meeting of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan with US President Joe Biden, ” he added.

The Turkish leader said that he plans to discuss in Glasgow with his American counterpart the repayment of the US debt of $ 1.4 billion for the F-35 fighters, which they refused to supply to Ankara due to the deal with Moscow on the S-400. The White House has not confirmed reports of an upcoming meeting.

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