“There was a betrayal.” Expert on collapse of Afghan Govt.

KABUL (Sputnik Radio): Former Afghan Vice Presi-dent Amrullah Saleh named four main reasons for the country’s government’s do-wnfall, pinning the blame on the US. On the air of Sp-utnik radio, Stanislav Tara-sov, an expert on the problems of the Middle East, s-hared his version of events.

The United States effectively allowed the Taliban to take over Afghanistan by encouraging cooperation with radicals. This was said channel News18 former vice-president Amrulla Saleh.
According to him, the US pressure on Kabul, the de facto recognition of the Taliban at the talks in Qatar and the lack of relevant information in the government became the reasons for the fall of the Ashraf Ghani administration.

In addition, according to Saleh, the indifference of the former Afghan government led to this. He admitted that there could be people in the administration who “did not know about the situation and took everything for granted.”

Amrullah Saleh, after the Taliban seized power in the country and the flight of Afghan leader Ashraf Ghani, declared himself acting president and called on the people of Afghanistan to resist.
On the air of Sputnik radio, political scientist, expert on the problems of the Middle East, Stanislav Tarasov, expressed his opinion on the reasons for the fall of the Afghan government.
“The flight of Ghani from Kabul was unexpected, because on the eve of these events, the White House, the Pentagon conducted concrete negotiations with him, persuading him to make contact with the Taliban in order to create a coalition government.

But what happened inside the Afghan leadership at the very last moment, until that moment when the Taliban entered Kabul without a fight remains a mystery. There is information that the closest circle of Ghani, his assistants, were photographed with the Taliban in the president’s office after the flight of Ghani, pictures appeared. This was a betrayal within the Afghan leadership. Ghani himself said that he was threatened In fact, there was a coup.

This suggests that a third force factor was at work in Afghanistan – everything is mysterious and mysterious, “said Stanislav Tarasov. In his opinion, there is no other way to explain the whole series of events that took place in Afghanistan.

“Why suddenly the negotiations of the Americans with the Taliban, which stipulated a roadmap for the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and the maintenance of order – all of this was simply ruined, and a spontaneous process began? Why did the armed forces suddenly refuse to resist the Taliban, why did the special services betray? Most likely, the Americans hoped in this way to eliminate Ghani, to bring to the surface a new leader ready for dialogue with the Taliban. But the Taliban, once in Kabul, now dictate the terms of future political agreements themselves. Events are becoming very complex, unpredictable, “Stanislav said.

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