There is risk of Putin using Nuclear weapon: Sullivan

There is risk of Putin using Nuclear weapon: Sullivan

Jalil Afridi

Washington DC: United States National Security Advisor, Jack Sullivan stated that there is a risk that Russian President, Viladamir Putin may use a Nuclear weapon during its ongoing war with Ukraine and that “we are taking this threat very  seriously. He further said that US intelligence along with its allies are keeping a watch on such moves by Moscow. 

While speaking to the journalists at the White House, Jack Sullivan stated that President Biden strongly condemns the Russian annexation of parts of Ukraine and termed the referendum conducted by Russia as sham and “on a gun point.”

Sullivan said that the US is giving a coordinated response along with its allies to the Russian aggression who is bent upon taking away the independence and sovereignty of Ukraine. 

He said that the US will continue to help Ukraine and in this regard a bill has been sent to Congress for additional 12 Billion Dollars for Ukraine.  Sullivan assured that US will continue with its supply of weapons and strengthening of the Ukrainian army. Sullivan also hinted at United Nations Security Council resolution next week which will condemn the annexation by Russia.

When asked about the recent Nord Stream gas pipeline explosion, Sullivan said that investigations are underway in this regard. He refuted the question that any European ally could be involved in this activity, but he did agree that very few countries were capable of conducting such attack, so deep under water. 

When asked about benefit of the recent sanctions by the United States on Russia, Sullivan added that its aim is to weaken the Russian military strength. When asked about the drones which were recently provided by Iran to Russia, Mr Sullivan said that measures in the shape of sanctions will be enforced on Iran so that in future they are not capable of building such drones.  

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