South Korea Unveils KUS-FS Reconnaissance Drone

South Korea Unveils KUS-FS Reconnaissance Drone

(SOUTH KOREA): South Korea announces the commencement of mass production for the KUS-FS medium-altitude reconnaissance drone, signaling a significant stride in defense capabilities. Developed by Korean Air Aerospace Division, LIG Nex1, and Hanwha Systems, the drone aims to bolster surveillance efforts, particularly regarding North Korea.

With a 25-meter wingspan and 30-hour endurance, the KUS-FS boasts advanced features including synthetic aperture radar and satellite communications. Despite a 16-year development journey, meticulous testing ensures reliability before production.

Beyond military use, adaptations for civilian agencies like the Korea Forest Service and Korea Coast Guard are proposed. The drone reflects South Korea’s commitment to independent surveillance and reconnaissance.

As the KUS-FS takes flight, South Korea’s aerospace sector enters a new era of innovation and strategic defense.

Courtesy: Realtime Global Data Intelligence Platform