Saudi Arabia hosts U.S. CENTCOM command surgeon and partner nations

Saudi Arabia hosts U.S. CENTCOM command surgeon and partner nations

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RIYADH: Saudi Arabia Military Medical Services hosted the first Multinational Medical Response Training in partnership with the United States Central Command (CENTCOM) Command Surgeon from Feb. 11-13, in Riyadh.

“This inaugural event’s purpose is to create an enduring regional medical disaster response framework that enhances stability and collaboration throughout the region,” said USCENTCOM Command Surgeon U.S. Army Col. Larry McCord. “I believe this will be the first of many iterations of medical cooperation and training that builds relationships and strengthens our bonds.”

Funded by the Overseas Humanitarian Disaster and Civic Aid (OHDACA) appropriation, this initiative establishes an emergency response plan to foster strategic medical partnerships.

Training objectives included improving civilian basic living conditions and promoting interoperability amongst foreign militaries and with civilian medical professionals. The biennial event featured speakers, workshops, exhibit displays, and a capstone field training exercise showcasing emergency medical readiness and humanitarian aid and disaster relief operations.

“Multinational Medical Response Training brings together military and medical leaders from around the world, focused on enhancing partnerships and interoperability, preparing our nation’s medical systems to combat global health threats and to support humanitarian assistance and disaster response initiatives,” said Brig. Gen. Thad Collard, Army Reserve Medical Command Deputy Commanding General. “Through multinational training like this, we will better prepare to coordinate, communicate, and respond to future challenges.”

More than 1000 healthcare professionals from 20 partner nations participated in establishing this foundational medical training to promote collaborative medical responses through bilateral and multilateral partnerships.