Russian scientists present results of humanitarian missions to Syria at Army-2021 forum

KUBINKA (TASS): Russian scientists presented the results of their humanitarian missions to Syria, including a 3D model of Palmyra, destroyed by terrorists, at the Army-2021 forum, Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of History of Material Culture Deputy Director Natalya Solovyova told journalists.

The exhibition is deployed at the Patriot expo center’s pavilion dedicated to the Syrian conflict. According to Solovyova, the exhibition is comprised of the results of scientists’ work within the “Palmyra in time and space” and “Saving early Christian temples of Syria” projects. The visitors will be able to see archived, graphic and photo materials, models and copies of architectural details, completed by Russian specialists within the projects on the preservation of Syria’s cultural heritage.

Following the liberation and minesweeping of Palmyra back in 2016, scientists contacted Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu proposing to carry out a complex of operations to preserve the World Heritage Site. This work resulted in the creation of a unique 3D model of Palmyra, which was presented to Syria and UNESCO.

The scientists also created the GIS Palmyra dynamic geo-informational system, which includes all information about the site, as well as the most precise 3D model of Palmyra’s main temple – the Temple of Bel – which was destroyed by the militants. This model was used to create a copy of a temple fragment.

“During this work, the terrorists’ crimes were documented: the destruction of architectural landmarks, as well as numerous marauding excavations at the World Heritage Site,” Solovyova said.

She underscored that these three systems make it possible to plan restoration operations without traveling to the site itself.

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