Russia-US cybersecurity dialogue producing tangible results – envoy

WASHINGTON DC (RIA Novosti): Concrete steps h-ave been taken in the sph-ere of interaction between the Russian Federation and the United States in the information sphere, said Russian Ambassador to the States Anatoly Antonov.

“The first real, tangible steps in this direction have been made, there are concrete, small results. But most of the work remains to be done,” Antonov told reporters.

Several proposals have been made to the Americans aimed at strengthening cooperation in the IT sphere, the high-ranking diplomat said. “While the American colleagues are trying to concentrate on the problem of cybersecurity in the context of extortion… There is a problem, it lies in the need for countries to interact and find out where the attacks are coming from, who is committing them,” the ambassador said.

Also, Russian diplomats discussed in the State Department and the White House claims about interference in the elections, the US leadership takes a detached position in relation to Internet giants.

“We not only sent a note, but on Friday I had meetings at the White House on this score, where we drew the attention of our colleagues about the inadmissibility of such a plan of ac-tion regarding the Russian elections,” Antonov told reporters. According to the Russian ambassador, the State Department also had contacts on this matter.

“The Americans asked for more extensive materials on this account, which they promised to investigate,” he said. “We passed on materials received from Moscow,” Antonov told reporters on Sunday.

According to him, the materials “dealt with the indecent activities of a group of a Berlin patient (we are talking about Alexei Navalny, who is serving time for theft ).” “On various resources, data are published that undermine the ability of our citizens to exercise their constitutional right to fulfill their civic duty,” he said.

As he stated, the Russian Federation is interested in the transparency of the elections, so that the legitimacy of the Duma and the absence of problems at the elections can be established. “With regard to Google and Twitter, colleagues have taken a detached position: these are information giants that have their own policies, and the American authorities cannot influence their policies,” Antonov said.

The Russian ambassador added that in the course of his contacts with the US administration, he announced information that the overwhelming majority of attacks on Moscow electoral structures originate from the United States.

US Ambassador to Ru-ssia Sullivan was summo-ned to the Russian Foreign Ministry last Friday due to interference in the internal affairs of the Russian Fede-ration, namely the elections. The Russian Foreign Ministry said earlier that S-ullivan, who was summo-ned to Smolenskaya Squ-are, was told that it was categorically inadmissible to interfere in the Russian elections.

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