Putin, Erdogan call for stability, peace in Afghanistan

ANKARA (TASS): The Turkish military can continue to ensure the security of the Kabul airport if the necessary conditions are created for this. This was announced on Saturday by the President of the Republic Tayyip Erdogan during a telephone conversation with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

“Speaking about the events in Afghanistan, President Erdogan said that Turkey can continue to be responsible for the security and operation of the Kabul airport in the future, if appropriate conditions are created. This will help solve problems for all parties, primarily for the international community and the Afghan people,” – the President of Turkey is quoted by his office.

Erdogan and Putin agreed to coordinate relations that will develop with the future government of Afghanistan, the Turkish President’s office said.

The Turkish President believes that the Taliban should avoid repeating their past mistakes and treat all ethnic groups in Afghanistan with respect. That being said, the new Afghan government must be inclusive to reflect the diversity of the Afghan people.

Turkey, instead of introducing categorical conditions, considers it necessary to maintain open channels of communication with the Taliban.

The Kremlin press service stated that President of the Russian Federation Putin and President of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan discussed the situation in Afghanistan, noting the importance of ensuring stability and civil peace in this country and emphasizing the priority of solving the tasks of combating terrorism and drug trafficking.

“The situation around Afghanistan was discussed in detail. The importance of ensuring stability and civil peace in the country, strict observance of order and legality was emphasized. The priority nature of the tasks of combating terrorism and drug trafficking was emphasized. The presidents agreed to strengthen bilateral coordination on Afghan issues,” the statement said.

Also, Putin and Erdogan discussed cooperation bet-ween the countries in the e-nergy sector. “The issues of trade and economic cooperation were touched upon, primarily in the field of energy,” the message says.

In addition, the interlocutors agreed on further personal contacts, the Kremlin added.

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