President Biden honors the Disable at the White House

President Biden honors the Disable at the White House

Jalil Afridi 

Washington DC: US President Joe Biden held a beautiful event at the Rose Garden of the White House honoring those who are Disable in America. The First Lady, Jill Biden welcomed the guests, who were mostly Disable and had achieved success in their respective fields of work or their businesses.

The First Lady in her speech said that “you all have changed the world” which brought a small on the faces of those who were either sitting in their wheel chairs or those who were blind. 

President Biden is widely respected around the world for the efforts he has taken to give every opportunity to those who are disable and faces day to day challenges in achieving their goals and dreams.

Mayor Tim Adams, who was also on a wheel chair addressed the gathering and encouraged the disable to dream big and not loose hope. He also said that there is still a lot that should be done for those who are disable.

President Biden in his speech said that American Disability Act was approved in 1990 and since then a lot has been done for those with disability but a lot more needs to be done. He said that his administration has urged businesses and states to hire more disable employees because America is built for every body to have equal opportunities. 

President honored all those who worked towards approving the American Disability Act and said that it was jointly approved by both the Democrats and the Republicans. President Biden also mentioned the financial and social difficulties faced by those who are disable during the Corona pandemic and promised that his government will try its best to remove those difficulties. 

jose Andre Montana, a blind musician played Piano beautifully, concluded the sunny afternoon event at the White House with his mesmerizing music.

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