Pakistani People Can Speak For Themselves: Matthew

Pakistani People Can Speak For Themselves: Matthew

Jalil Afridi

Washington DC: US State Department Spokesperson, Matthew Miller said that the people of Pakistan can speak for themselves regarding what they think about the U.S. 

Miller made these remarks while answering The Frontier Post whether President Biden foreign policy with regard to Pakistan has been successful and whether the people of Pakistan have gained respect and liking for the United States in last four years. 

Matthew Miller answered several questions during the press briefing at U.S. State Department with regard to Imran Khan conviction in the cypher case. Miller termed Imran’s conviction as an internal legal matter of Pakistan and express resolve to continue strong relations with Pakistan. 

While replying to a question about growing relations between the Taliban regime in Afghanistan and China, Matthew Miller stated that until girls education issue is improved in Afghanistan, the U.S. will not have formal relations with the Taliban. 

The Frontier Post while criticizing the Biden administration for softening its stance on girls education reminded Matthew Miller that all previous U.S. administrations and media outlets like The Frontier Post have always taken a firm stance for girls education and it seemed that President Biden and his team is no longer serious in this issue. Matthew Miller insisted that the U.S. wants to see “improvement” in girls education in Afghanistan.