Pakistani-American entrepreneurs and professionals have scaled new heights in the United States: Masood Khan

Pakistani-American entrepreneurs and professionals have scaled new heights in the United States: Masood Khan

F.P. Report

WASHINGTON: “Pakistani-American entrepreneurs and professionals have scaled new heights of successes in the United States of America and their reputation has travels across the United States, across the continents and to Pakistan.

“You have been making direct and indirect contributions to Pak-US relations in different roles and you have been contributing directly to Pakistan’s economic development,” he continued.

The Ambassador made these remarks addressing a diverse group of Pakistani-Americans of DMV area who have excelled in various fields including tech, finance, banking, services and sectors. Pak-origin Presidents, CEOs and senior executives of renowned companies including KabaFusion, Delloite, Organization of Pakistani Entrepreneurs of North America (OPEN), The Citizen Foundation (TCF), Sirhandi Companies, TRG Group, Novacloud, Facebook and others were present on the occasion.

“Your success,” said the Ambassador, “is a common denominator which makes us proud here in the United States and in Pakistan.”

Dr. Sohail Masood, CEO KabaFusion and Entrepreneur of The Year®? 2023 National Award awardee, and Ms. Ms. Ambreen Mirza, President & CEO of OPEN Global, were recognized on the occasion.

Dr. Sohail Masood shared his inspiring success story as to how KabaFusion crossed new frontiers of glory with his vision, hard work and commitment.

While recounting journey KabaFusion towards becoming one of the leading healthcare provider of the United States, he informed the gathering that KabaFusion was in the process of acquiring another company, taking its worth to $4 billion.

He also informed that audience that pursuant to his last meeting with the Ambassador in Massachusetts, he had provided job opportunities to 70 people in Pakistan. This number will grow, he said.

Ms. Ambreen Mirza, CEO of OPEN Global, in her remarks said that OPEN, established 25 years ago by a small group of technology entrepreneurs in Boston, has grown to a network of over 100,000 people across 5 continents with chapters in eight countries.

Sharing the successes of OPEN as an organization, Ambreen Mirza said that OPEN comprised entrepreneurs and professionals who were undertaking various initiatives in critical sectors such as healthcare, education, climate change and others.

“We are very entrepreneurial in the way we have grown and in the way we deliver some of our programs and initiatives,” she said.

“Today we have communities within communities within OPEN,” she observed.

“Not only are we getting the attention of the Pakistani government, but we have become a brand among non-Pakistanis,” she said amid a round of applause by the attendees to celebrate the successes of Pakistani Americans in the United States.

Zaina Bankwalla, Chair OPEN Washington DC chapter, also spoke on the occasion and invited Pakistani-American entrepreneurs, professionals to reap the benefits of the organization by becoming part of the OPEN fraternity.

The Ambassador thanked the participants for their presence and urged them to continue making contributions towards their homeland and the motherland.