Pakistan-US relations have a magnificent past; and they have a bright future: Masood Khan

Pakistan-US relations have a magnificent past; and they have a bright future: Masood Khan

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WASHINGTON DC : “Nearly 84 years ago, on March 23, 1940, the founding fathers of Pakistan passed a resolution in the historic city of Lahore.

These were dark days for the world as it was being ravaged by the Second World War and the colonial grip on Indian subcontinent was absolute,” said Pakistan’s Ambassador to United States.

“It was at that time that our ancestors saw the dream of our independence that became true in August 1947,” he said .

“Today, we pay tribute to our founding father – Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah – for his strong conviction and visionary leadership that led to the creation of Pakistan,” said Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States.

“Today, as a nation, we are custodians of that dream. We continue to work for political cohesion and economic development,” the Ambassador said.

Ambassador Masood Khan made these remarks during a reception that was held at the Embassy of Pakistan Washington to celebrate National Day of Pakistan. Over 450 attendees included among others ambassadors, diplomats, high ranking officials from state Department, World Bank, IMF, Congress, think tank community, US and ethnic media representatives and members of Pak-American community.

Addressing the gathering, USAID Assistant Administrator of the Bureau for Asia Michael Schiffer thanked the Ambassador for the invitation and for providing the opportunity to celebrate “rich heritage and vibrant culture of Pakistan.”

“For more than 75 years, the United States and Pakistan have worked hand in hand on issues that matter deeply to both of our countries and both of our peoples,” he said.

He recounted sustainable economic growth, greater access to energy, gender equality, strengthening peace and inclusion, education and health as shared objectives.

Recalling US assistance to the flood affected people of Pakistan during 2022 catastrophic floods, he said that as recovery continues, “so does our assistance in these areas.”

Ambassador Masood Khan in his remarks also thanked the State Department for working day in and day out to give a new vigor and strength to Pak-US ties.

“Pakistan-United States relations have a magnificent past; and they have a bright future. As I speak, both sides are working hard to recalibrate our ties structured around trade, investment, green energy, healthcare, education and science and technology.

Together we would continue to work for regional and global security and counter transnational threats, especially terrorism,” the Ambassador said.
Schiffer, on his part, said that US government supports Pakistan’s long term development aspirations.

He identified investments in hydropower, expanding Pakistanis access to technology, access to safe, high quality education for young and reducing barriers to trade and commerce between our two countries as major areas of cooperation.

“Enhancing Pakistan’s economic growth is a bedrock of our work.,” he observed.

Michael Schiffer also said that Green Alliance Framework was helping Pakistan to meet the climate, energy and economic challenges of today and the challenges of the future.

He also highlighted approval of global climate fund to enhance climate resilience in Pakistan and to improve water security.

“With a modest investment, USAID unlock $66 million from the fund on top of the $5 million that was donated by the Coca Cola foundation, and $1.8 million in the World Wildlife Fund, all to improve water systems and expand green infrastructure in Pakistan,” he said.

Mr. Schiffer pointed out that between October of 2022 and September of 2023, USAID successfully partnered with the Pakistani American diaspora to mobilize $197 million for flood relief but also for investments in artificial intelligence and equity finance and electric vehicles in health in tourism, and other shared priorities that will help to unleash prosperity for Pakistan.

“After 75 years our shared enthusiasm and our shared ambitions for the US Pakistan relationship remains as high as it has ever been,” he said.

“As we look to the future, I call on all of us here today to reaffirm our commitment to a future Pakistan is ever more resilient, ever more prosperous, and ever more inclusive,” he said.

Ambassador Masood Khan in his remarks reiterated the commitment to continue investing in IT, energy, agriculture, and minerals extraction, being the priority areas for foreign investment.

He also reaffirmed women empowerment as an abiding obligation being a key driver of national success.

“With the help of our international friends, we will combat climate change that threatens the entire humanity not just Pakistan,” he said.

“We are committed to a peaceful neighborhood where all countries live like a family. This too is our dream. In South Asia, let’s put our disputes on a peace table and resolve them diplomatically and democratically,” Masood Khan said.

“Let the people of Jammu and Kashmir exercise their right to self-determination through a ballot box in accordance with the UN resolutions. Our influence in this region is bound to increase,” he added.

Masood Khan also congratulated two Pakistani Americans who received Pakistan’s national awards – Mr. Nasruddin Rupani and Mr. Hafeez Khan on the occasion.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Masood Khan today decorated two Pakistani Americans – Mr. Nasruddin Rupani and Mr. Hafeez Khan– with Pakistan’s national awards.

The citation read on the occasion said that Abdul Hafeez Khan, a leading Pakistani entrepreneur in the U.S., achieved rapid success with his brand “Tweaker Energy Shot,” becoming the fastest-growing and top-value product in the fiercely competitive Energy Shots market within eight years.

Abdul Hafeez Khan’s commitment to philanthropy and community engagement is exemplified by the establishment of the Razzaq Foundation, a charity organization dedicated to helping those in need. Beyond financial support, Khan actively participated in community development initiatives.

In Dallas, Texas, he converted a church into the well-known Al-Razzaq Islamic Center, named after his father. This initiative not only provided a place of worship but also reflected his dedication to fostering cultural understanding.

In a strategic and patriotic move, Abdul Hafeez Khan demonstrated his unwavering commitment to safeguarding Pakistan’s interests when the Pakistan embassy in Washington DC faced the threat of being sold. Recognizing the diplomatic and symbolic significance of this property, Khan took decisive action by outbidding others and paying the highest price.

This financial commitment, made in July 2023, effectively secured the preservation of the embassy as a crucial Pakistani asset.

The Congresswoman Jasmine Crockett acknowledged Mr. Khan for his contributions towards US & Pakistani communities on the floor of the U.S. Congress House of Representatives.

In recognition of his exceptional contributions outstanding public service, the President of Pakistan is pleased to confer upon Mr. Abdul Hafeez Khan Tamgha-i-Imtiaz.

For Mr. Nasruddin Rupani, the citation said that he is a US-based Pakistani philanthropist and a successful entrepreneur. Based in Houston, Mr. Rupani is the President of World’s Gold & Diamonds Inc (WGD), US Insurance Funding Inc, and many other companies.
Mr. Nasruddin Rupani has compassion for community and humanitarian service.

He has founded many civil society organizations in Pakistan and USA. He chairs Ibn Sina Foundation, established in 2001 as a not-for-profit organization, providing medical care to uninsured and low-income population in Houston. Ibn Sina has treated over 1.5 million patients at its seven clinics with an annual budget of $12 million.

With the vision to create a sustainable society for the future generations, Mr. Rupani established Rupani Foundation in 2006. Besides USA, the foundation works in Pakistan’s all four provinces and Gilgit-Baltistan on early childhood development. For this program, he established over 200 early childhood centers and five academies.

Mr. Rupani conceptualized and is managing more than 12 sustainable livelihood projects including precious stone-cutting training centers, fruit trees, and environmental tourism etc. in Northern Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan.

Mr. Rupani has received a number of congressional, civic, and local proclamations and certificates of appreciation in the field of health and early childhood education since 2003.

He is recipient of US Presidential Volunteer of the year award in 2021. Mr. Rupani spearheaded Gilgit-Baltistan investment conference ‘Invest-GB’ in Dubai, which brought the businesses from all over the world and MoUs worth $2 Billion were signed.

He not only financed the conference but later brought investors to Gilgit. He organized a Muslim Mental Health Conference in Houston in 2022. Recently, Texas Governor Greg Abbott performed groundbreaking of the first mental health wellness center in Houston.

In recognition of his outstanding public service, the President of Pakistan is pleased to confer upon Mr. Nasruddin Rupani, Sitara-e-Khidmat.