Pakistan plans to host conference on transport connectivity for regional prosperity this year: FM

Pakistan plans to host conference on transport connectivity for regional prosperity this year: FM

F.P. Report

KYRGYZSTAN : Foreign Minister Jalil Abbas Jilani says Pakistan plans to host conference on transport connectivity for regional prosperity this year.

Addressing the Council of Heads of Government of Shanghai Cooperation Organization at Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan on Thursday, he said SCO Business Council and Inter Bank Association can play a vital role in fostering economic and commercial cooperation amongst SCO member states through strengthening interaction among entrepreneurs and promoting people to people contacts.

As a succeeding chair of the SCO, he vowed Pakistan will continue to support the existing mechanisms and welcome new initiatives. 

Jalil Abbas Jilani said Pakistan is committed to Shanghai spirit that stands for mutual trust and respect for shared prosperity and development.

He said Shanghai Spirit anchored our collective efforts in the face of great transformation in the geo political and geo economic areas.

The Foreign Minister said SCO represents the collective voice and aspirations of forty percent of the global population. He said as leaders of SCO, it is our fundamental responsibility to fulfill the aspirations of our people for durable and sustainable peace, security and development.

Jalil Abbas Jilani reiterated his commitment to give top priority of fostering cooperation in critical and practical areas including connectivity and transport linkages, youth empowerment in key sectors such as agriculture, minerals, climate change and Information Technology during the country’s Chairmanship of council of Heads of Government.

The Foreign Minister said Pakistan will continue to strengthen cooperation in the field of education and poverty alleviation.

Terming SCO as the key platform for taking the vision of Eurasian connectivity to the next level, Jalil Abbas Jilani said Pakistan location at the crossroads of South Asia, Central Asia and Middle East makes it an ideal trade country.

Commenting on the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, he said it is a force multiplier for regional connectivity. He said CPEC does not only connect Pakistan with its neighbour China, but it also offers all SCO member states a chance to invest in our shared future and regional economic integration.

Highlighting the enormous potential of trade and business of SCO member states, he said Pakistan proposes to host SCO Businessmen Conference next year.

The Foreign Minister warned that all SCO member states face challenges related to poverty and food security and these challenges can be overcome through common efforts learning from each other’s experiences.

He said we are confident under Pakistan Chairmanship of the Special Working Group on Poverty Alleviation a significant impetus can be provided to our collective endeavors aimed at improving the living standard of people.

He said sustainable economic development cannot be guaranteed without durable peace and security in Afghanistan. He said the SCO can play important role in this regard.

Alluding to the climate induced disasters, the Caretaker Foreign Minister said it threatens survival of humanity and demands global solidarity and cooperation. He said Pakistan is committed to work for the nature positive world that we ought to our future generation.

Jalil Abbas Jilani said Pakistan plans to host a meeting on prevention and response to emergency situation during its chairmanship.