North Korea Supplied Ballistic Missiles To Russia: Kirby 

North Korea Supplied Ballistic Missiles To Russia: Kirby 

Jalil Afridi

Washington DC: White House National Security Spokesperson said that the U.S. has gotten intelligence reports that North Korea (DPRK) had supplied Russia with ballistic missiles and that Russia used these missiles against Ukraine in the recent days and weeks.

John Kirby shared images of Russia striking Ukraine with ballistic missiles and stated that these missiles had the capacity to target five hundred miles in distance and that North Korea in return was expecting Russia to improve the air defence systems of North Korea.  

John Kirby also shared plans of the United Stated and its allys to approach the United Nations against Russia for violating international laws. Kirby urged the US Congress to “act now” with regard to providing Ukraine with more military aid and support. 

John Kirby did loose his balance of replies a little when a reporter asked him why Russia needed North Korean missiles when the Russia defence production had enough of their own supplies, according to their own reporting. 

Regarding yesterday’s blast in Iran which claimed more than one hundred lives, Kirby said that he did not have any other report except that ISIS K (Khorasan) claimed the responsibility of this blast and that ISIS K was mostly operating from Afghanistan at the moment. 

Regarding the civilian deaths in Gaza and Israel violating international laws, John Kirby said that the U.S. is seeing improvement from Israel side with regard to less civilian deaths, less air strikes and more humanitarian aid but he also said that Israel has the right and responsibility to eliminate Hamas terrorists.