No truth in IMF asking about China projects: Ahsan

No truth in IMF asking about China projects: Ahsan

Jalil Afridi

Washington: Federal Minister of Planning for Pakistan, Mr Ahsan Iqbal while speaking to journalists in Pakistan embassy Washington DC stated that there is no truth in the rumors that IMF is asking Pakistan to disclose the projects details which China has undertaken in Pakistan. 

Mr Ahsan while discussing details of his visit to the United States stated that he met with the IMF officials at the United Nations in New York to inform them that the under developed countries need support from the devoted countries due to supply chain crisis caused by to war in Ukraine. 

Mr Ahsan also stated that his talks with the IMF officials in Washington were productive and that he has assured them that “Pakistan means business” and that the present government will honor its commitments with the IMF. Mr Ahsan was hopeful that after the IMF board meeting, first tranche of 1.7 Billion dollars should be released to Pakistan in the month of August whereas extension of another one billion dollar will also be discussed in coming days.

With regard to US & Pakistan relations, Mr Ahsan was of the opinion that since last couple of decades these relations were based mostly on security related issues whereas now it’s time that these relations turn into more economic issues. “America is our highest exporting partner, America can help us with regard to education, information technology and environment sectors” Mr Ahsan said. 

Mr Ahsan further said that nobody is bullying Pakistan and that a nuclear state can not bullied. 

In reply to a question, Mr Ahsan said that all important decisions are being made in Pakistan and by the coalition parties. Mr Ahsan also said that in his opinion expatriates should have representative members in the National Assembly so their issues can be addressed and solved. While criticizing Imran Khan, Ahsan said that if Imran had stayed for a few more months as the prime minister, Pakistan certainly would have become like Srilanka.

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