Masood Khan calls for recalibrating strategy on Kashmir; urges Kashmiris to build their own Information Ecosystem

Masood Khan calls for recalibrating strategy on Kashmir; urges Kashmiris to build their own Information Ecosystem

F.P. Report

WASHINGTON DC : “The plight of Kashmiris is even worse than Palestinians. There are 900,000 active duty soldiers who are their sentinels. Kashmiris are being targeted by the occupation forces every day.

There are killings, arrests, sexual violence, land grab. This is all documented,” said Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States.

“Palestinians have an observer status in the United Nations. They have a quasi-diplomatic status. The voices for the Palestinians can be heard in all capitals of the world. Kashmir does not have a strong international voice or lobby,” he continued. 

“Kashmiris should build their own competence to win our freedom,” he said. Masood Khan said the people of Pakistan and Jammu and Kashmir are ready for talks under the auspices of the UN, bilaterally and through the facilitation of third party. 

Addressing a Seminar on the occasion of Kashmir Black Day at the Embassy of Pakistan Washington DC, Ambassador Masood Khan said that there was a need to recalibrate our strategy the issue of Kashmir. The strategy that we’ve been pursuing for the last several years has not produced results. 

In the meantime, IIOJK “India has violated all international laws and conventions in IIOJK. They have violated political, economic, social and cultural rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir,” Masood Khan said.

“They have violated the ICC statutes with impunity,” he continued.  “We haven’t achieved our goal but we will  persevere in our struggle. We will not give up the struggle under any circumstances,” he said. 

“When you try to sweep  such issues under the carpet, they erupt with intensity as it has happened in the case of Palestine,” he cautioned the international community. 

Masood Khan said that the right to self-determination of the people of Jammu & Kashmir was inherent even if there were no  UN Security Council  Resolutions. 

The UN resolutions passed in accordance with the Charter recognize the inalienable rights of the Kashmiris to choose their own political future.

He said that the Indian leadership including Mahatama Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Mr. Patel and others had failed to convince the Kashmiris to join India. Kashmiris, he said, always wanted to opt for Pakistan. 

He said that Maharaja of Kashmir and Sheikh Abdullah betrayed the people of Kashmir.  “India would never have occupied large swaths of Jammu and Kashmir militarily without explicit consent and support of Sheikh Abdullah. So it was a managed and fake accession,” he observed. 

“While we should look towards past, we should continue to strive and change ground realities for the future.”  “You must have your regional and international information ecosystem. 

Today truth becomes falsehood and falsehood is projected as truth and therefore, you have to have your own set of facts and data, and vehicles  to broadcast the truth ,” said the Ambassador while addressing the Kashmiri leaders in the United States.

The messages of the President of Pakistan and Caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan were read on the occasion. 

Former Norwegian MP Lars Rise, speaking to the gathering via Zoom, underscored the need for making world leaders realize about the gravity of the situation and the need to find permanent solution to the long-standing issue.

President Islamic Circle of North America Dr. Mohasin Ansari in his remarks observed that the voice for justice may take long but truth and justice would finally prevail.

Renowned Author and Historian Victoria Schofield in her remarks urged to galvanize civil society and raise awareness about the issue of Kashmir. 

American Analyst on Kashmir Col Wesley Martin highlighted precarious humanitarian situation in occupied territory stating that the entire region was facing a grave threat. He opined that the wave of violence would continue under the present Indian leadership. 

Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, Secretary General World Kashmir Awareness Forum, said that the people of Kashmir were facing existential threat and genocide. He said that the Indian government was taking steps to change the demography of the region. He also called for US intervention in Kashmir. 

Chairman of Kashmir Campaign Global Mr. Zafar Qureshi and Dr. Imtiaz Khan from George Washington University also spoke on the occasion and highlighted the situation in Kashmir. 

Kashmiri leader Mr. Muzzammil Ayub Thakur and Advisor to President AJK Sardar Zareef Khan in their remarks reiterated the demand for giving the people of Kashmir their right to self-determination. 

The participants thanked Ambassador Masood Khan and the Embassy of Pakistan for commemorating Kashmir Black Day and showing solidarity with the Kashmir brothers and sisters. 

A photographic exhibition highlighting Indian atrocities and the ground situation in occupied Jammu & Kashmir was also held on the occasion.