Lithuanian military accused of stealing dry rations for the US Army

VILNIUS (Monitoring Desk): Seven Lithuanian servicemen and two more people who worked at the training ground of the Lithuanian army in the Shvenchensky region are accused of stealing dry rations for the American military, Sputnik Lithuania reports with reference to the press service of the Lithuanian prosecutor’s office.

“According to the investigation, two servicemen at the Shvenchensky district training ground and the company commander are accused of theft, abuse, bribery and bribery. Four more soldiers were also charged with theft and abuse. Two people who worked under a labor contract at the training ground are accused of theft “, writes Sputnik.

According to the agency, according to the pre-trial investigation in the spring of last year, at the site of the Lithuanian army in Švencionys district had stolen a large amount (not less than 1 176 boxes loaded with more than 14 million units) of dry rations to feed the soldiers of the battalion of ground troops the United States, stationed in Lithuania. According to estimates, property damage amounted to more than 121 thousand euros.

“It is suspected that the military, possibly acting in groups of accomplices, took advantage of their official position and from the hangar at the indicated landfill, possibly, they removed the stored food rations of American soldiers in official vehicles. It is suspected that the accused sold the loot to others for profit. that the company commander serving at the training ground could demand a bribe for silence about the crime and created certain conditions so that subordinates could continue their criminal activities, “adds Sputnik.

According to the agency, the Lithuanian Criminal Code provides for up to eight years’ imprisonment for anyone who stole expensive foreign property while participating in an organized group. Abuse for property or other personal gain is punishable by the most severe punishment of up to seven years.

The Criminal Code provides for the most severe punishment for bribery of a civil servant or a person equated to him – imprisonment for up to five years. Anyone who offered, promised or agreed to bribe a government official is punished with a maximum prison term of up to seven years.

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