Josep Borrell statement on the security arrangements in Europe

Josep Borrell statement on the security arrangements in Europe

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BRUSSELS: Russia has made public two draft treaties affecting the European security architecture. They are addressed to the United States and to the members of the Atlantic Alliance respectively.

The European Union is fully committed to security in Europe based on the key principles of non-aggression and respect for national sovereignty and for territorial integrity. Today, Europe’s security is under threat.

Russia’s actions, in particular the illegal annexation of Crimea, its role in fuelling the conflict in eastern Ukraine as well as its actions in the Georgian break-away regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, in the Transnistrian region and in its support to the Lukashenko regime, have led to a severe deterioration of the security situation in Europe. Most recently, the military build-up of Russia at its borders with Ukraine and in the illegally annexed Crimea have created new threats and fears of invasion.

Together with partners and allies, the EU has clearly indicated that it will respond resolutely to any further violations of Ukraine’s sovereignty. At the same time, the EU believes that dialogue, negotiation and cooperation  are the only means to overcome disputes and bring peace. Any real discussion on security in Europe must build on and strengthen OSCE and UN commitments and obligations – true pillars of the European security architecture – and not lead to their erosion. Such a discussion must be inclusive and must take into account the concerns and interests of all stakeholders. The EU will engage with both the US and NATO to ensure its interests are represented in any possible discussion with Russia on European security.

NATO’s offer to hold a NATO-Russia Council in response to the draft treaties on European security that Russia rendered public last week is an important step. NATO has a key role in guaranteeing peace in Europe. The EU is keen to work together with allies as well as with its partners in addressing today’s security situation in our continent.

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