John Kirby  denies leaving stash of weapons in Afghanistan

John Kirby  denies leaving stash of weapons in Afghanistan

Jalil Afridi

Washington DC:  White House National Security spokesperson, John Kirby, while replying to the question by The Frontier Post stated that the US had provided weapons to the Afghan Army for their defense and that this is a myth that the U.S. left some stash of weapons there.

John Kirby further stated that the US did not expect the Afghan Army under President Ashraf Ghani  to surrender the way they did to the Taliban. John Kirby also stated that he was not aware of the reports that 21 Pakistani soldiers being killed by the Taliban in a recent attack where they the Taliban were using US weapons left behind in Afghanistan with the Afghan Army. 

 To another question asked by The Frontier Post about the recent visit of Pakistani Army Chief, John Kirby stated that the US Defense Department should be contacted in this regard and he has no specific information but he is aware that Pakistan is facing terrorism from across the border from Afghanistan. He Further stated that Pakistan is a strategic ally.