Indian police receive threat to blow up Stadium

Indian police receive threat to blow up Stadium

MUMBAI (Agencies): The Mumbai police has received an email threatening to blow up the Indian prime minister and the Narendra Modi stadium in Ahmedabad, which is currently the venue for several ICC Cricket World Cup matches.

The email warned the authorities that the group that sent the email has already mobilised individuals to carry out the assaults if the Indian government does not pay 5 billion Indian rupees and release infamous gangster Lawrence Bishnoi who is currently lodged in Mandoli jail, in Delhi, Indian media reported.

The threat message, which allegedly originated in Europe, was sent to India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA) who then informed the Mumbai police about it, the police said. “We have received the email from the NIA, which has alerted all concerned agencies in other places as well. We also got the email ID from which the NIA got the email and are trying to trace that as well and prima facie it seems that the mail has come from Europe,” a police officer said.

He said the message appears to be a hoax or mischief played by someone sitting in a foreign country, but they have still launched the manhunt for the sender, and the security of all cricket matches will be reviewed and beefed up if required.

The email sent to the NIA read: “We will blow up Narendra Modi and the Narendra Modi stadium as well if the government fails to pay us Rs 500 crore and release Lawrence Bishnoi.” “Everything sells in Hindustan, so we too have bought something. No matter how much you secure, you won’t be able to remain safe from us. If you wish to talk, do so on this email,” it added.