Germany warns Russia against using nuclear weapons in Ukraine war

Germany warns Russia against using nuclear weapons in Ukraine war

BERLIN (AA) : Following Russia’s announcement of drills involving the use of tactical nuclear weapons, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz warned Moscow on Monday against deploying atomic weapons in the Ukraine war.

“It is always important to say loudly that nuclear weapons must not be used in this war,” Scholz said at a press briefing in Riga, Latvia’s capital, attended by the prime ministers of the three Baltic states – Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

According to Scholz, work is underway to organize a peace conference in Switzerland, which must be one of the clear messages to Russia.

Scholz arrived in Latvia on Monday for his first official visit as chancellor, as part of a tour of the three Baltic states, all of which are also NATO partners.

He said Russia’s aggression against Ukraine was a mistake, and that instead of dividing Europe and weakening NATO, it strengthened their unity.

Earlier in the day, Russia announced that it will conduct drills involving the use of tactical nuclear weapons in response to top European leaders expressing stronger military support for Ukraine.

According to the Kremlin, President Vladimir Putin ordered the military exercises in response to Western and NATO member countries’ statements about sending troops into Ukraine.

Earlier, Scholz assured NATO partners in the Baltic Sea region that Germany would provide reliable military support.

“Germany stands unwaveringly on the side of the Baltic states,” said the chancellor in the Lithuanian city of Pabrade, where he visited German soldiers.

“And that means that we protect each other and that all states can rely on us to defend every inch of their territory,” Scholz added.

In response to the changed security situation following Russia’s war in Ukraine, Germany has begun to station a brigade of approximately 4,800 soldiers in Lithuania. Furthermore, German soldiers from the 10th Armored Division are currently taking part in a major NATO military exercise in Lithuania.​​​​​​​