Furious with powerlessness? The EU hastily “forges” a strategy of confronting PRC

Oleg Obukhov

Postcoid Syndrome? What happened to Brussels? At first, China’s “One Belt – One Road” was received with a bang, rejoicing in Beijing’s investments in the EU infrastructure. Now, in defiance of China, the strategy “Globally Connected Europe” is being announced. What did you whisper in the old lady’s ear?

Suddenly, out of nowhere, there was a height of plans. We have to admit that Europeans know how to present surprises. Especially unpleasant. Russia has gorged its fill, and China is already on edge from them. Despite this, many are still striving to cooperate with Europe, as well as with the United States. The partnership promises new opportunities, market expansion, and access to nano-technologies. This is what the PRC was counting on when it proposed to the EU the global project “One Belt – One Road” 11 years ago. Brussels liked the idea, as the transport corridor would become a “breath of fresh air” for Europe. And the Chinese capital came in just the right way, given that the economic crisis in the EU dragged on, and few were ready to spend the development of transport infrastructure. And then you have railways, ports, air cargo traffic… Not that at someone else’s expense, nevertheless, Chinese people who are obsessed with their ideas are usually generous with investments. In general, then Brussels and Beijing merged in mutual benefit.

But now the EU has other plans. Of course, no one says that now there is no “One Belt – One Way” for you. Simply by enticing, Brussels now wants to build its strategy called “Globally Connected Europe”. There is not a word about China, but there is a hint. The Brussels project says that Europe needs to unite in order to build a global infrastructure network centered in Europe. And they want to achieve the EU’s competitiveness, diversification of pricing chains and reduction of strategic dependence. Does it resemble, for example, the notorious “EU Energy Packages”? As soon as Russia offered to build new gas pipelines, Europe enthusiastically welcomed the projects. But then suddenly these “energy packages” appeared, which deliberately complicated the construction, launch and operation of gas pipelines. It is possible that the Chinese “One Belt – One Road” will face a similar fate. And the packages of “Globally Connected Europe” will begin to multiply – the first, the second, the third… And who prompted that? And who is so opposed to China being active with its global project in Europe?

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