Floods, landslides kill 14 on Indonesia’s Sulawesi island

Floods, landslides kill 14 on Indonesia’s Sulawesi island

JAKARTA (AA) : At least 14 people were killed when heavy floods and landslides hit Indonesia’s Sulawesi island, with a population of about 20,000, state-run media said on Saturday.

Torrential rain caused flooding which reached up to three meters (10 feet) in height in some areas, Antara News said, citing the National Agency for Disaster Management.

Heavy rain also caused landslides in Luwu District, South Sulawesi.

The floods and landslides hit 13 sub-districts, including Suli, Latimojong, West Suli, South Ponrang, Ponrang, Bupon, Larompong, South Larompong, Bajo, West Bajo, Kamanre, Belopa and North Belopa, said the agency.

Rescue and relief teams already reached affected areas to help people as so far floods inundated over 1,000 homes, and authorities evacuated 1,385 people to safe places.

The Rongkong and Baliease rivers, overflowing due to rain since Friday, also caused damage to 104 houses, and swept away 42 completely.

Authorities said the flood also caused damage to roads, a bridge, and 14 motorbikes and cars.