Fifty Thousand US Citizens Working In Pakisan: Masood Khan

Fifty Thousand US Citizens Working In Pakisan: Masood Khan

Jalil Afridi

Washington DC: Ambassador of Pakistan to the United States, Masood Khan stated that at present there are more than fifty thousand US citizens  working in Pakistan. Masood Khan made these remarks at one of the top Washington based think tank, Centre for Stretegic and International Studies (CSIS). The Ambassador did not elaborate in which  business sector these fifty thousand American citizens were working at but he did say that only ten thousand students of Pakistan origin were studying at American universities whereas thirty thousand students were studying in China. 

When asked how the U.S. can became a better friend of Pakistan, Ambassador Masood started that there is a misperception about Pakistan, which needs to be cleared. He also said that Pakistan needs to be looked as country which is a major transit corridor between between South and Central Asia. Just like Ukraine, Pakistan is also one of the major crop producing country in the world, the ambassador commented. Ambassador.

Daniel Runde, Senior Vice President at CSIS suggested the Ambassador that there should a direct flight between the IS & Pakistan.

 flight linking Washington DC or New York to Islamabad. The Ambassador assured that soon Pakistan International Airlines will again be launching this service. Mr Runde also said that the United States should look towards Pakistan not only with lens of Afghanistan, Iran or Russia. 

At one point Masood Khan informed the audience that due to defence related sanctions from America since 2018, Pakistan decided to purchase 

It’s defence related equipment from China.